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About Assegaai Petroleum

Our Services

Assegaai Petroleum is a successful wholesale fuel supplier and distributor to retailers and a wide range of end consumers. We also give advice on or assistance with established and new fuel storage and dispensing equipment. 

Our Product

We distribute primarily 50ppm Diesel fuel, 95/93 ULP and illuminating paraffin.

Our Suppliers

Being an independant fuel wholesaler enables us to order directly from refineries or to negotiate price with leading fuel companies.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of fuel trailers as small as 2500lt capacity to 38,000lt tankers. All distribution vehicles are fitted with calibrated meters and in turn are operated by trained and competent staff to ensure exact quantities, all for your benefit.

Our Management

Our management team value honesty, great customer relations, attention to detail and responsiveness. We always operate at our best to ensure that Assegaai Petroleum provide a high quality service level that exceeds our customer’s expectation.